Pot culture of rosesAgrobios (India)
A Handbook of soil, fertilizer and manureAgrobios (India)
    Aquatic Ecology: a text bookAgrobios (India)
    Applied FisheriesAgrobios (India)
    enetic engineering and its applicationsAgrobios (India)
    Handbook of Fertilizers: their source, make-up effects, and useAgrobios (India)
    Water in relation to soils and plants with special reference to agricultureAgrobios (India)
    Indoor GardeningAgrobios (India)
    Plant Hormones: action and applicationAgrobios (India)
    Fertilizers and crop productionAgrobios (India)
    Laboratory manual of plant biotechnologyAgrobios (India)
    Ponds and fish cultureAgrobios (India)
    Animal BehaviourAgrobios (India)
    Green Manuring: principles and practiceAgrobios (India)
    Fish BiotechnologyAgrobios (India)
    Cheeese and ButterAgrobios (India)
    Commercial floricultureAgrobios (India)
    Biofertilizers for sustainable agricultureAgrobios (India)
    Flowers from bulbous plantsAgrobios (India)
    Poultry EggsAgrobios (India)
    Plant water absorption and transpirationAgrobios (India)
    Manuring for higher crop productionAgrobios (India)

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