Radiology secrets plusMosby/Elsevier
Natural Standard herbal pharmacotherapy : an evidence-based approachMosby/Elsevier
Concepts for nursing practiceMosby/Elsevier
Leading and managing in nursingMosby/Elsevier
Chestnut's obstetric anesthesia : principles and practiceMosby/Elsevier
Critical care nursing secretsMosby/Elsevier
Pain management secretsMosby/Elsevier
Nursing research : methods and critical appraisal for evidence-based practiceMosby/Elsevier
Critical care nursing : diagnosis and managementMosby/Elsevier
Anesthesia : a comprehensive reviewMosby/Elsevier
Critical care intravenous infusion drug handbookMosby/Elsevier
Integrated theory and knowledge development in nursingMosby/Elsevier
Practical guide to the care of the gynecologic/obstetric patientMosby/Elsevier
Clinical medicine in optometric practiceMosby/Elsevier
Berne & Levy physiologyMosby/Elsevier
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Atlas of diagnostic oncologyMosby/Elsevier
Oncology nursingMosby/Elsevier
Manual of surgical pathologyMosby/Elsevier
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GI/liver secrets plusMosby/Elsevier
Radiology secrets plusMosby/Elsevier
Interoduction to clinical pharmacologyMosby/Elsevier
Medical geneticsMosby/Elsevier
McMinn's color atlas of head and neck anatomyMosby/Elsevier

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