Current sources & voltage referencesElsevier/Newnes
Electric motors and drives : fundamentals, types, and applicationsElsevier/Newnes
Materials for engineers and techniciansElsevier/Newnes
Electrical installation workElsevier/Newnes
Wi-Fi telephony : challenges and solutions for voice over WLANsElsevier/Newnes
Programming the PIC microcontroller with MBASICElsevier/Newnes
The PIC microcontroller : your personal introductory courseElsevier/Newnes
The PIC microcontroller: your personal introductory courseElsevier/Newnes
Practical electrical equipment and installations in hazardous areasElsevier/Newnes
Embedded systems architecture : a comprehensive guide for engineers and programmersElsevier/Newnes
Practical machinery vibration analysis and predictive maintenanceElsevier/Newnes
practical digital signal processing for engineers and techniciansElsevier/Newnes
Practical radio engineering and telemetry for industryElsevier/Newnes
Practical electrical network automation and communication systemsElsevier/Newnes

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