The nightingale papersHesperus Press
Absent presenceHesperus Press
Bartleby the scrivener, and, Benito CerenoHesperus Press
The lesson of the masterHesperus Press
A Perfect HoaxHesperus Press
Lois the WitchHesperus Press
With the flow and M. Bougran's RetirementHesperus Press
Before AdamHesperus Press
My Secret BookHesperus Press
    The fatal eggs: a storyHesperus Press
    The secret life of nunsHesperus Press
    For a night of loveHesperus Press
    The tragedy of the KoroskoHesperus Press
    Zastrozzi: A RomanceHesperus Press
    Carlyle's House : and other sketchesHesperus Press
    Last letters of Jacopo Ortis and of TombsHesperus Press
    Carmen and The Venus of IlleHesperus Press
    The Foundling: a tale of our own times by captain tree1Hesperus Press
    The diary of Adam and Eve and other adamic storiesHesperus Press
    Rebecca and RowenaHesperus Press

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