Information communication technologies and emerging business strategiesIdea Group Pub
Functional and object oriented analysis and design : an integrated methodologyIdea Group Pub
Information systems for sustainable developmentIdea Group Pub
Computer-supported collaborative learning in higher educationIdea Group Pub
Intelligent techniques for planningIdea Group Pub
Measuring information systems delivery qualityIdea Group Pub
Collaborative geographic information systemsIdea Group Pub
Neural networks in finance and manufacturingIdea Group Pub
M-commerce : global experiences and perspectivesIdea Group Pub
IT-enabled strategic management : increasing returns for the organizationIdea Group Pub
Outsourcing and offshoring in the 21st century : a socio-economic perspectiveIdea Group Pub
Advances in applied artificial intelligenceIdea Group Pub
    Neural networks in healthcare : potential and challengesIdea Group Pub
    Recent developments in biologically inspired computingIdea Group Pub
    Creating knowledge-based healthcare organizationsIdea Group Pub
    Managing business with SAP : planning, implementation, and evaluationIdea Group Pub
    Managing corporate information systems evolution and maintenanceIdea Group Pub
    Strategic knowledge management technologyIdea Group Pub
    Free/open source software developmentIdea Group Pub
    Management of the object-oriented development processIdea Group Pub
    Digital economy : impacts, influences, and challengesIdea Group Pub
    Geographic information systems in businessIdea Group Pub
    Web systems design and online consumer behaviorIdea Group Pub
    Peer-to-peer computing : the evolution of a distruptive technologyIdea Group Pub
    Successful strategies in supply chain managementIdea Group Pub

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