Spatial databases : technologies, techniques and trendsIdea Group Pub
e-Human resources management : managing knowledge peopleIdea Group Pub
Interactive multimedia in education and trainingIdea Group Pub
Service-oriented software system engineering : challenges and practicesIdea Group Pub
Advances in the economics of information systemsIdea Group Pub
Web mining : applications and techniquesIdea Group Pub
Agent-oriented methodologiesIdea Group Pub
Clinical knowledge management : opportunities and challengesIdea Group Pub
Managing IT professionals in the Internet ageIdea Group Pub
Cases on strategic information systemsIdea Group Pub
Electronic business in developing countries : opportunities and challengesIdea Group Pub
Advances in electronic marketingIdea Group Pub
Cases on the human side of information technologyIdea Group Pub
Inter-organizational information systems in the Internet ageIdea Group Pub
Integrating security and software engineering : advances and future visionsIdea Group Pub
Cases on information technology planning, design and implementationIdea Group Pub
Molecular computation models : unconventional approachesIdea Group Pub
Advances in UML and XML-based software evolutionIdea Group Pub
Cases on telecommunications and networkingIdea Group Pub
Contemporary issues in end user computingIdea Group Pub
Utilizing information technology in developing strategicIdea Group Pub

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