Tennyson's poems : in two volumesEveryman's Library
    The Faerie Queene: in two volumesEveryman's Library
      the shepherd's calender and other poemsEveryman's Library
        A Doll's hous, The Wld duck, The lady from the SeaEveryman's Library
        Youth: A Narrativ; Heart of darkness; The end of the TetherEveryman's Library
          To the lighthouseEveryman's Library
          Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and other storiesEveryman's Library
          Poems and propheciesEveryman's Library
          Eugenie grandetEveryman's Library
          The temple of the golden pavilionEveryman's Library
          The theban playsEveryman's Library
          First love and other storiesEveryman's Library
          Memoirs of a nunEveryman's Library
          The cossacksEveryman's Library
          The analectsEveryman's Library
          Confessions of ajustified sinnerEveryman's Library
          The confessionsEveryman's Library
          The RainbowEveryman's Library
          If this is a man the truceEveryman's Library
          ComediesEveryman's Library
          DemonsEveryman's Library
          Daniel derondaEveryman's Library
          VilletteEveryman's Library
          The last chronicle of barestEveryman's Library
          Collected storiesEveryman's Library

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