Hypermobility, fibromyalgia, and chronic painChurchill Livingstone/Elsevier
Pharmaceutical chemistryChurchill Livingstone/Elsevier
Mandell, Douglas, and Bennett's principles and practice of infectious diseasesChurchill Livingstone/Elsevier
Neurology and neurosurgery illustratedChurchill Livingstone/Elsevier
Manual of pediatric anesthesia : with an index of pediatric syndromesChurchill Livingstone/Elsevier
Essential musculoskeletal MRI : a primer for the clinicianChurchill Livingstone/Elsevier
Emery's elements of medical genetics.Churchill Livingstone/Elsevier
Hunt and Marshall's clinical problems in surgeryChurchill Livingstone/Elsevier
Gray's anatomy for studentsChurchill Livingstone/Elsevier
Ultrasound physics and technology: how, why and whenChurchill Livingstone/Elsevier
Miller's anesthesia: volume 1, volume 2Churchill Livingstone/Elsevier
Emergency Medicine: the principles of practiceChurchill Livingstone/Elsevier
Davidson's clinical casesChurchill Livingstone/Elsevier
Medical microbiology : a guide to microbial infections : pathogenesis, immunity, laboratory diagnosiChurchill Livingstone/Elsevier
Practical paediatricsChurchill Livingstone/Elsevier
Obstetrics : normal and problem pregnanciesChurchill Livingstone/Elsevier
Disability in pregnancy and childbirthChurchill Livingstone/Elsevier
Clinical Doppler ultrasoundChurchill Livingstone/Elsevier
Blood banking and transfusion medicine : basic principles & practiceChurchill Livingstone/Elsevier
Key Debates in psychiatric/mental health nursingChurchill Livingstone/Elsevier

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