Demolishing peace Israel's policy of mass demolition of Palestinian houses in the West BankB'tselem
    Impossible coexistence : human rights in Hebron since the massacre at the Cave of the PatriarchsB'tselem
      Sheer brutality : the beatings continue : beatings and maltreatment of Palestinians by border police and police officers during May-August 1997B'tselem
        On the way to annexation : human rights violations resulting from the establishment and expansion of the Ma'aleh Adumim settlementB'tselem
          Incidents of death and injury resulting from exploding munitions' remnantsB'tselem
            Detention and interrogation of Salem and Hanan Ali, husband and wife, residents of Bani Naim villageB'tselem
              Cooperating against justice : human rights violationsB'tselem
                1987-1997, A decade of human rights violationsB'tselem
                  Oslo : before and after : the status of human rights in the occupied territoriesB'tselem
                    Divide and rule : prohibition on passage between the Gaza Strip & the West BankB'tselem
                      Law enforcement vis-a-vis Israeli civilians in the occupied territoriesB'tselem
                      Neither law nor justice : Extra-judicial punishment, abduction, unlawful arrest, and torture of PaleB'tselem
                      A policy of discrimination : land expropriation, planning, and building in East JerusB'tselem

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