World authors, 1900-1950H.W. Wilson
World artists 1980-1990 : an H.W. Wilson biographical dictionaryH.W. Wilson
World authors, 1985-1990H.W. Wilson
World artists, 1950-1980 : an H.W. Wilson biographical dictionaryH.W. Wilson
World film directors :1945 -1985H.W. Wilson
Read for the fun of it : active programming with books for childrenH.W. Wilson
The Wilson chronology of science and technologyH.W. Wilson
Nobel Prize winners : an H.W. Wilson biographical dictionaryH.W. Wilson
Library displays handbookH.W. Wilson
The poetry break : an annotated anthology with ideas for introducing children to poetryH.W. Wilson
Gun controlH.W. Wilson
The Federal deficitH.W. Wilson
The Star Wars debateH.W. Wilson
The U.S. Constitution and the Supreme CourtH.W. Wilson
Drugs in AmericaH.W. Wilson
Preserving the world ecologyH.W. Wilson
Genetics & societyH.W. Wilson
Children in crisisH.W. Wilson
Ethics in politics and governmentH.W. Wilson
English :our official languageH.W. Wilson
SuicideH.W. Wilson
The media & the publicH.W. Wilson
The information revolutionH.W. Wilson
Religious cults in AmericaH.W. Wilson
Affirmative actionH.W. Wilson

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