A Dictionary of Economics & commerce (english-French -arabic)Librairie Du Liban
Longman Dictionary of Business EnglishLibrairie Du Liban
A Concise Dictionary of Data Processing and Computer TermsLibrairie Du Liban
A dictionary of theoretical linguistics: English-Arabic, with and Arabic-English glassaryLibrairie Du Liban
    A DICTIONARY of economics and commerce: English-ArabicLibrairie Du Liban
      Pocket medical dictionary:English_ArabicLibrairie Du Liban
        Chilhabi's dictionary of agricultural and allied terminology:English_ArabicLibrairie Du Liban
          English_Arabic Dictionary of accounting and financeLibrairie Du Liban
            A Comprehensive Persian-English DictionaryLibrairie Du Liban
              A dictionary of The Social SciencesLibrairie Du Liban
                A dictionary in Diplomavy and international AffairsLibrairie Du Liban
                  An Arabic and English literary dictionaryLibrairie Du Liban
                    Encylcopedic world dictionaryLibrairie Du Liban

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