Sustainable development environment, energy and water resourcesAne Books
Mathematics for business, economics and financeAne Books
General informatics and bioinformaticsAne Books
Maintenance management and engineeringAne Books
Textbook of dermatologyAne Books
Modern business lawAne Books
Fluid mechanics : Basic concepts and principlesAne Books
Fundamentals of thermal engineeringAne Books
Advertising and sales promotionAne Books
Medicinal chemistryAne Books
Fundamemental of financial managementAne Books
Foundations of managerial economicsAne Books
Organisational theory and behaviour : Text and casesAne Books
Cost accounting: theory and practiceAne Books
Organisational behaviourAne Books
Fundamentals of cost accountingAne Books
Textbook of immunologyAne Books
Managerial economics and business decisionsAne Books
Management of technology and innovationAne Books

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