Communications And Multimedia Security llChapman & Hall
Analysis Of Two-Way LayoutsChapman & Hall
Formal Methods for Open Object_based Distributed SystemsChapman & Hall
Analog and, iterative methods in comutation, Simulation, and controlChapman & Hall
    Fundamentals of Rock MechanicsChapman & Hall
      N.M. R. & chemistry: An introducation to nuclear mangetic resonance spectroscopyChapman & Hall
        Modern physical ElectronicsChapman & Hall
          Managing purchasing:Organizing planning and controlChapman & Hall
            Financial derivatives : hedging with futures, forwards, options and swapsChapman & Hall
            Modelling survival data in medical researchChapman & Hall
            Modelling binary dataChapman & Hall
            A handbook of statistical analyses using StataChapman & Hall
            Statistics for epidemiologyChapman & Hall
            A first course in abstract algebra : rings, groups, and fieldsChapman & Hall
            Basic statistics and pharmaceutical statistical applicationsChapman & Hall
            MCQs in medicineChapman & Hall
            Empowerment in community careChapman & Hall
            Behavioural and social rehabilitation and trainingChapman & Hall
            Introductory microbiologyChapman & Hall
            Innovation : the communication of change in ideas, practices and productsChapman & Hall
            Making pricing decisions : a study of managerial practiceChapman & Hall
            Radiographic techniques and image evaluationChapman & Hall
            Breast cancer nursingChapman & Hall
            1001 multiple choice questions and answers in surgery : a companion to surgicalChapman & Hall
            Mathematics for engineers and scientistsChapman & Hall

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