Market Informastion and ResearchElsevier
Physiologic foundations of perinatal care: volume 3Elsevier
Nursing knowledge and practice : Foundations for decision makingElsevier
Essential matlab for engineers and scientistsElsevier
Adapting buildings and cities for climate changeElsevier
ABC of behavior chang aguide to successful disease prevention and health promotElsevier
Principles of horticultureElsevier
Citrus fruit : biology, technology and evaluationElsevier
Potato biology and biotechnology : advances and perspectivesElsevier
Building constrution handbookElsevier
Structural dyncamics and vibration in practice:an engineering handbookElsevier
The offical CIM course book: Marketing planning 2006-2007Elsevier
The offical CIM course book: Marketing management in practiceElsevier
Change managementElsevier
Pharmacogenetics-tailor-made pharmacotherapy: proceedings of the 5th Meeting oElsevier
Table of integrals, series, and productElsevier
The management of equity investmentsElsevier
Risk management technology in financial services : Risk control, stress testing, moElsevier
Veterinary physiology and applied anatomy : A textbook for veterinary nursElsevier
Small animal surgeryElsevier
Improving competitive advantageElsevier
Positive recruitment and retentionElsevier
Maximizing resourcesElsevier
Developing personal potentialElsevier
Creating a customer focusElsevier

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