Mechanisms of inorganic & metallic reactionsPlenum Press
    Fundamental research in Homo-geneoous catalysisPlenum Press
      Advances in mirobial ecologyPlenum Press
        MacromolulesPlenum Press
        Homogeneous catalysis with meftal phosphine complexesPlenum Press
          Biological Abstracts: BiosisPlenum Press
            Substituent effects in oganic PolarographyPlenum Press
            High-Energy Physics and Nuclear StructurePlenum Press
            the calculus of variations and optimal control : an introductionPlenum Press
              Atomic physics of highly ionized atomsPlenum Press
                Monopole 83Plenum Press
                  Carbon-Functional Organosilican CompoundsPlenum Press
                    Synthetic organic photochemistryPlenum Press
                      Advanced organic chemistry Part A: structure & MechanismPlenum Press
                        Variational methods in electron-atom scattering-atom Scattering TheoryPlenum Press
                          Advances in nuclear physicsPlenum Press
                            The Metaphors Of ConsciousnessPlenum Press
                            Introduction to Plasma Physics and Controlled FusionPlenum Press
                            Error-Correction coding for digital communicationsPlenum Press
                              Treatise on heavy-ion sciencePlenum Press
                                Electron spin resonaces in semiconductorsPlenum Press
                                  13C-NMR of natural productsPlenum Press
                                  Developmental psychobiology and behavioral ecologyPlenum Press
                                  Learning without boundaries : technology to support distance/distributed learningPlenum Press
                                  The antibiotic paradoxPlenum Press

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