المنطقتان المتجمدتان الشمالية والجنوبية
    Adaptine processes in economic systems
      Speech and language:Advances in basic research and practice
        The Design Of Piled Foundtions
          Fundamentals of organic chemistry.
            Static and Strength of materials
              Fracture and fatique control in structures
                The Science of Engineering Materials
                  Systems analysis and design for safety: Safety systems engineering
                    Industrial Noise and Vibration control
                      Strength of materials
                        Industrial health
                          The Principles of Engineering Materials
                            Introduction to stochastic processes
                              Deformation and fracture of solids
                              Linear programming and network Flows
                              Control and management of Capital Projects:
                                Operation Test and Evaluation: A systems Engineering Process
                                  The NALCO Water Handbook
                                    Site Planning Standards
                                      Laplace transforms
                                        Student Involvement Guide
                                          بدايات اليقضة العربية والنضال الشعبي في ليبيا 1882-1911
                                          Neuropharmacology of Cyclic Nucleotides
                                            Probllems and solutions in logic design

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