Statistical Quality design and control:Contemporary concepts and MethodsMacmillan Publishers.
    The ancient worldMacmillan Publishers.
      Seeing EnglishMacmillan Publishers.
      Britain Europe and beyond 1700-1900Macmillan Publishers.
        Investigations in behaviour and elementary neurobiologyMacmillan Publishers.
          Gaining Word powerMacmillan Publishers.
            Prose of the British Romatic MovementMacmillan Publishers.
              Marketing research:meaning, measurement, and methodMacmillan Publishers.
                Marketing research:meaning, measurement,and methodMacmillan Publishers.
                  Study guide for college algebra and trigonometryMacmillan Publishers.
                    Principles of engineering thermodynamicsMacmillan Publishers.
                      Plastic Methods for Plastic Steel and Concrete StructuresMacmillan Publishers.
                        Additional mathematicsMacmillan Publishers.
                          Finite mathematicsMacmillan Publishers.

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