Tissue and cell cultureBailliere Tindall
    Bacteriology, virology and immunity for students of medicineBailliere Tindall
      Mayes’ midwifery : a textbook for midwivesBailliere Tindall
      Nurse practitioner manual of clinical skillsBailliere Tindall
      Accident and Emergency: Theory and PracticeBailliere Tindall
      Managing Communication in Health CareBailliere Tindall
      The student nurse handbookBailliere Tindall
      Comprehensive coronary careBailliere Tindall
      Professional and ethical issues in nursingBailliere Tindall
      Nursing knowledge & practice : foundations for decision makingBailliere Tindall
      The student nurse handbook : a survival guideBailliere Tindall
      Watson's clinical nursing pocket bookBailliere Tindall
      Watson's clinical nursing and related sciencesBailliere Tindall
      Baillière's handbook of first aidBailliere Tindall
      Promoting health a practical guideBailliere Tindall
      Rehabilitation nursing : foundations for practiceBailliere Tindall
      Veterinary Applied Pharmacology and TherapeuticsBailliere Tindall
      Clinical medicine : a textbook for medical students and doctorsBailliere Tindall
      Human EmbryologyBailliere Tindall
      Patterns of animal diseaseBailliere Tindall
      Multiple choice questions in anatomyBailliere Tindall
      The Johns Hopkins Atlas of Human Functional AnatomyBailliere Tindall

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