Fundamentals of engineering thermodynamicsJohn Wiely & Sons
finite mathematics with applications for business and social sciencesJohn Wiely & Sons
    Basic corrision and OxidationJohn Wiely & Sons
      Surface Wave Filters: Design, Construction, And UseJohn Wiely & Sons
        Analysis of statically indeterminant StructuresJohn Wiely & Sons
          Airport engineeringJohn Wiely & Sons
            Stress Concentration FactorsJohn Wiely & Sons
              Metal & metalloid amides: Syntheses, structures & physical & chemical propertiesJohn Wiely & Sons
                Principles of Drug Action: The Basis of phaqrm-acologyJohn Wiely & Sons
                General ChemistryJohn Wiely & Sons
                Modern EngineeringJohn Wiely & Sons
                Advanced Mechanics of MaterialsJohn Wiely & Sons

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