Production managementPittman
    Under Standing Company AccountsPittman
      Modern Business AdminstrationPittman
        Foundation design and constructionPittman
          Auditing: Principle and PracticePittman
            Foundation design and constructionPittman
              Engineering measurementsPittman
                Engineering thermodynamicsPittman
                  Supervisory studies-Amanagerial perspectivePittman
                    Fundamentals of data structuresPittman
                      Digital techniques and systemsPittman
                        Introduction to ArchitecturePittman
                          Case studies in Mathematical ModelingPittman
                            A Practical introduction to finite element analysisPittman
                              Architectural structures: An introduction to Structural MechanicsPittman
                                Technical Literature Search and written reportPittman
                                  Management: Its Nature and SignificancePittman

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