Kinetic theory of liquidsDover Publications
    theory of functions : as applied to engineering problemsDover Publications
      numerical solution of differential equationsDover Publications
        introductory real analysisDover Publications
          differential equations: adrry hochstadtDover Publications
            Mathematical PhysicsDover Publications
              Arabic Geometrical Pattern and DesignDover Publications
                Painting in Islam: A Study to the Place of Pictorial Art in Muslem CultureDover Publications
                  Lectures on the theory of functions of real variablesDover Publications
                    A Collection of problems in mathematical physicsDover Publications
                      Asymptotic methods in analysisDover Publications
                        Solid state theoryDover Publications
                          Topics in ordinary differential equationsDover Publications
                            Coordinate geometryDover Publications
                              Political parties: A sociological study of the oligorchical tendenciesDover Publications
                                Three Gothic novels : Castle of Otranto, VampyreDover Publications
                                Adventures of Huckleberry FinnDover Publications
                                Great Russian short storiesDover Publications
                                Partial differential equations for scientists and engineersDover Publications
                                The importance of being EarnestDover Publications
                                DraculaDover Publications
                                The dream life of Balso SnellDover Publications
                                Bartleby ; and, Benito CerenoDover Publications
                                Natural philosophy of cause and chanceDover Publications
                                Contributions to the founding of the theory of transfinite numbersDover Publications

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