Communication historySage publications
    Dictionary of gaming, Modelling and SimulationSage publications
      Postmodernism and the social science: athematic approachSage publications
      Theories of counseling and psychotherapy : an integrative approachSage publications
      Introducing research methodology : a beginner's guide to doing a research projectSage publications
      Communicating terror : the rhetorical dimensions of terrorismSage publications
      Media at war : the Iraq crisisSage publications
      Learning group leadership : an experiential approachSage publications
      Counseling and educational research : evaluation and applicationSage publications
      Organization development : the process of leading organizational changeSage publications
      Problems in marketing : applying key concepts and techniquesSage publications
      Exploring organizational dynamicsSage publications
      A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about studying organizationsSage publications
      The Sage dictionary of social research methodsSage publications
      InterViews : learning the craft of qualitative research interviewingSage publications
      Your research project : a step-by-step guide for the first-time researcherSage publications
      Understanding media cultures : social theory and mass communicationSage publications
      Qualitative research practice : a guide for social science students and researchersSage publications
      Critical reading and writing for postgraduatesSage publications
      Research design : qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approachesSage publications
      Designing qualitative researchSage publications
      Case study research : design and methodsSage publications
      Key concepts in early childhood education and careSage publications
      Statistics alive!Sage publications
      Cross-cultural management : essential conceptsSage publications

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