My friend the enemyZed Press
    The Battle Of Beirut:Why Israel Invaded LebanonZed Press
    Capitalism and revolution in Iran:Selected writings of Bizhan JazaniZed Press
      People without a country : The Kurds and KurdistanZed Press
        The Arab nationZed Press
        oil and class struggleZed Press
          Palestinians: From Peasants to Revolutionaries, a People's History RecordedZed Press
          The Armenians : From genocide to resistanceZed Press
          Revolutionary islam in Iran: popular liberation or religious dictatorship?Zed Press
          I Speak for LebanonZed Press
          Egypt: Portrait Of A President, 1971-1981Zed Press
          Non-Jewish Zionism: its roots in western historyZed Press
          This land is our land: the West Bank under Israeli occupationZed Press
          Safe and sound: Disarmament and development in the eightiesZed Press
          The house of obedience: Women in Arab SocietyZed Press
            The political economy of ImperialismZed Press
              The world economic crisis: U.S. Imperialism at BayZed Press
                Dirty Work: The C.I.A. in Western EuropeZed Press
                  America: The New ImperialismZed Press
                    Israel: Utopia in Coporated: A Study of Class, State and Corporated Kin ControlZed Press

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