The triumph of conservatism:A reinterpretation of American history,1900-1916The Free Press
    Foundations of LinguisticsThe Free Press
    The Russian revolution: From Leni to StalinThe Free Press
      Reconstuction 1865-1877The Free Press
        Scientific eliteThe Free Press
          A history of KoreaThe Free Press
            Chinese Civilization and society A source bookThe Free Press
              American history and the Social sciencesThe Free Press
                More than a trial:The struggle over captain DryfusThe Free Press
                  Of war and war's alarm: Fiction and Politics in modern worldThe Free Press
                    Politics and historyThe Free Press
                      Heredity & environmentThe Free Press
                        A behavioral approach to historical analysisThe Free Press
                          Words and thingThe Free Press
                            The Italian Americans Troubled RootsThe Free Press
                              The emergence of Vectorian consciosness, the spirit of the ageThe Free Press
                                Men in RebellionThe Free Press
                                  Race, culture and evolutionThe Free Press
                                    A history of JapanThe Free Press
                                      In Black And WhiteThe Free Press
                                        Writing sense: A handbook of copmpositionThe Free Press
                                        A history of Militarism civilian and MilitaryThe Free Press
                                          Behavioral Science foundations of Consumer behaviorThe Free Press
                                            Hitler Vs. Roosevelt undeclared naval worThe Free Press
                                              PsycholinguisticsThe Free Press

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