Poverty Lines In Theory And PracticeThe World Bank
    Global Economic Prospects and the Developing Countries 1995The World Bank
    World Development IndicatorsThe World Bank
    Evaluation of Agricultural Services in Sub-Saharan AfricaThe World Bank
    The Agrarian Economies of Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent StatesThe World Bank
    African ArtThe World Bank
    Choices in Financing Health Care And Old Age SecurityThe World Bank
    Household Welfare and Vitnam's TransitionThe World Bank
    The Case by Case Approach to Privitization : techniques and examplesThe World Bank
    Policy Programme Options For Urban Poverty ReductionThe World Bank
    The World Bank Annual Report 1994The World Bank
    World Debt Tables 1993-94: External Finance for Developing CountriesThe World Bank
    The Distribution of income and Wealth in KoreaThe World Bank
    Development under Adversity:The palestinian economy in transitionThe World Bank
    The Analysis of Household SurveysThe World Bank
    Privatization & Emerging Equity MarketsThe World Bank
    Implementing the Ethiopian National PolicyThe World Bank
    Improving Women's Health Services in the Russian FederationThe World Bank
    Gender and Law: Eastern Africa SpeaksThe World Bank
    Post_Conflict ReconstructionThe World Bank
    Global Development Finance: Analysis and Summary TablesThe World Bank
    Indicators of Land Quality & Sustainable Land ManagementThe World Bank
    Egypt in the Global EconomyThe World Bank
    Concesions for InfrastructureThe World Bank
      Integrating Social Concerns into Private Sector Decisionmaking: A Review of Corporate Practices in tThe World Bank

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