Preclinical Drug Disposition : A Laboratory HandbookMarcel Dekker, Inc.,
Prodrugs : Topical and Ocular Drug DeliveryMarcel Dekker, Inc.,
Analysis of Addictive and Misused DrugsMarcel Dekker, Inc.,
Pharmaceutical Statistics : Practical and Clinical applicationsMarcel Dekker, Inc.,
Modern PharmaceuticsMarcel Dekker, Inc.,
Novel drug delivery systemsMarcel Dekker, Inc.,
Good Manufacturing Practices for Pharmaceuticals : A Plan for Total Quality ControlMarcel Dekker, Inc.,
Good laboratory practice regulationsMarcel Dekker, Inc.,
Drugs and nutrients : the interactive effectsMarcel Dekker, Inc.,
Beta2_Agonists in Asthma TreatementMarcel Dekker, Inc.,
Drug Stability : Principles and PracticesMarcel Dekker, Inc.,
Ophthalmic Drug Delivery SystemsMarcel Dekker, Inc.,

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