The Manual of PhotographyFocal Press
Film EditingFocal Press
Audio production and critical listening : technical ear trainingFocal Press
Broadcast journalism : techniques of radio and television newsFocal Press
Television productionFocal Press
Radio productionFocal Press
The complete film production handbookFocal Press
Mobile broadcasting with WiMAX : principles, technology, and applicationsFocal Press
Journalism onlineFocal Press
An introduction to video and audio measurementFocal Press
The Video StudioFocal Press
Modern newspaper practice : a primer on the pressFocal Press
The scriptwriter's handbook : Corporate and educational media writingFocal Press
Sound for film and televisionFocal Press
Multiskilling for television productionFocal Press
Selling electronic mediaFocal Press
Handbook for sound engineers : the new audio cyclopediaFocal Press
Scientific photography and applied imagingFocal Press
An introduction to electronic imaging for photographersFocal Press
The darkroom cookbookFocal Press
Adobe Photoshop elements 2.0 : a visual introduction to digital imagingFocal Press
The art of sound reproductionFocal Press
The MPEG handbook : MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4Focal Press
Practical recording techniquesFocal Press
Vedeo production handbookFocal Press

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