Time innovations and the deployment of manpower:Attitudes and optionsAvebury
    Energy efficiency in housingAvebury
    Alcohol Treatment Astudy of Astudy of Therapis and clientsAvebury
    Sustainability of Urban systems: a cross-national evolutionary analysis of Urban innovationAvebury
    Business Cycle Analysis By Means of Economic Surveys. Part IIAvebury
    Labour Market Programmes for the Poor in EuropeAvebury
    The Industrial Enterprise and its Environment: Spatial PerspectivesAvebury
    Studies in Labour EconomicsAvebury
    Moving to SustainabilityAvebury
    Human resource development and utilization: Economic analysis for Policy makingAvebury
    The location of foreign Direct InvestmentAvebury
    The Lome Conventions aand DevelopmentAvebury
    Testing Regression Models Based on Sample Survey DataAvebury
    Macroeconomic Policy Modelling for Developing CountriesAvebury
    Small High Technology Firms in Developing CountriesAvebury
    Income Distribution and Health in a north Indian villageAvebury
    Poverty Dynamics: Issues and ExamplesAvebury
    The Effects Of Protectionism On A Small CountryAvebury
    Issues in Industrical EconomicsAvebury
    Energy Efficiency in HousingAvebury
    Banking on FlexibilityAvebury

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