Jordan:crossroads of Middle Eastern eventsWestview Press
    South Yemen:A marxist republic in ArabiaWestview Press
      The Evaluation and Application of Survey Research in the Arab WorldWestview Press
        Gorbachev's Russia and American Foreign PolicyWestview Press
        Coming Full Circle: An Economic History on the Pacific RimWestview Press
        Political behavior in the Arab StatesWestview Press
          The almanac of women and minorities in American politics 2002Westview Press
          Rethinking Islam : common questions, uncommon answersWestview Press
          American architecture : a historyWestview Press
          Industrialization in the West Bank and GazaWestview Press
          Income distribution in JordanWestview Press
          The foreign policies of Arab states : the challenge of changeWestview Press
          Tomorrow's universities: a worldwide look at educational changeWestview Press
          Science, politics, and controversy : civilian nuclear power in the United States, 1946-1974Westview Press
          Economic DiplomacyWestview Press
          National security and strategic minerals: an analysis of U.S. dependence on foreign sources of cobalWestview Press
          Guests come to stay: the effects of European labor migration on sending and receiving countriesWestview Press
          The political implications of human genetic technologyWestview Press
          New Directions in Compartive PoliticsWestview Press
          Yemen: The Politics of the yemen Arab republicWestview Press
          Technology transfer and U.S. security assistance: the impact of licensed productionWestview Press
          Climate Change and Society:consequences of increasingWestview Press
          World Power Trends and U.S Foreign policy for the 1980SWestview Press
          Technological change in the German Democratic RepublicWestview Press
          A History of the modern Middle EastWestview Press

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