PascalAddison Wesley Longman
Introductory logic and sets for computer scientistsAddison Wesley Longman
Applied economics : an introductory courseAddison Wesley Longman
Cohn, David's AutoCad 14 release: CD-ROM encyclopediaAddison Wesley Longman
Gender in eighteenth-century England : roles, representations, and responsibilitiesAddison Wesley Longman
Using educational research: A School administrator,s guideAddison Wesley Longman
Human anatomy & PhysiologyAddison Wesley Longman
Methods in human geography : a guide for students doing research projectsAddison Wesley Longman
Longman dictionary of American english : Teacher's companionAddison Wesley Longman
Longman dictionary of American english : WorkbookAddison Wesley Longman
Criminal JusticeAddison Wesley Longman
Discrete mathematics : Numbers and beyondAddison Wesley Longman
Local Area NetworksAddison Wesley Longman
Data Warehoue: from architecture to implementationAddison Wesley Longman
Serfdom and Slavery: Studies in Legal BondageAddison Wesley Longman

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