calculus and analytic geometryAddison-Wesley publishing
    unviersity calculus with analytic geometryAddison-Wesley publishing
      EXecutive Comuting, How to get it done on your ownAddison-Wesley publishing
      The Essence of Organic ChemistryAddison-Wesley publishing
        Instructor's Manual by Irene Russo Adult Health Nursing A Biopsychosocial ApproachAddison-Wesley publishing
        Dr.Macintosh :Tips,Techniques,and Advice on MasteringAddison-Wesley publishing
        Organizational Transitions:Managing Complex changeAddison-Wesley publishing
        Take Care of Yourself: the complete Illustrated Guide to MedicalAddison-Wesley publishing
        Mathematics Activities for Elementary school teachers: a problem solving approachAddison-Wesley publishing
        A Problem Solving Approach to Mathematics For Elementary School teachersAddison-Wesley publishing
        A Problem Solving Approach to Mathematics for ElementaryAddison-Wesley publishing
        Problems For Introductory UniversityAddison-Wesley publishing
        Elements of Materials Science and engineeringAddison-Wesley publishing
        Elementary StatisticsAddison-Wesley publishing
          Practical Strategies for Developing Large software SystemsAddison-Wesley publishing
          Data Communications For ProgrammersAddison-Wesley publishing
          Calculus and Analytic GeometryAddison-Wesley publishing
          Strategic managementAddison-Wesley publishing
          Pascal from basicAddison-Wesley publishing

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