Incentive-based budgeting systems in public universitiesEdward Elgar
Leadership development in the Middle EastEdward Elgar
The handbook of innovation and services : a multi-disciplinary perspectiveEdward Elgar
Governing the environment : salient institutional issuesEdward Elgar
An Eponymous dictionary of economics: aguide to laws and theorems named afterEdward Elgar
An Encyclopedia of MacroeconomicsEdward Elgar
Restructuring local government finance in developing countries : lessons fromEdward Elgar
Ethics, equity, and international negotiations on climate changeEdward Elgar
Principles of Transport EconomicsEdward Elgar
Principles of Environmental and Resource economics:a guide for Students And Decision -MakersEdward Elgar
Applied cost Benefit analysisEdward Elgar
Capitalism with a Human FaceEdward Elgar

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