Hausdorff measuresUniversity press
The nouveau roman and the poetics of fictionUniversity press
    The uptake and storage and noradrenaline in sympathetic nervesUniversity press
      Neurones wthout impulses: Their significance for vertebrate and invertebrate nervous systemUniversity press
        Peptides and proteinsUniversity press
          Charles Darwin's natural selection: Being the second part of his species book written from 1856-1858University press
            The manuscript of Shakespeare's Hamlet and the problems of its transmission; an essay in critical biUniversity press
            Chinese thought and institutionsUniversity press
              English in educationUniversity press
              Amanual of experimental embryologyUniversity press
                Microbial differentiation: Twenty-Third symposium of the society for general microbiologyUniversity press
                  Marine ecology and fisheriesUniversity press
                    Developmental of arthropodsUniversity press
                      Shakespeare:Julius CaesarUniversity press
                        The evolution of I. B. ,ed.University press
                        Correspondence of G.E. Morrison II 1912-1920University press
                          The earth:its origin history and physical constutionUniversity press
                            Introduction to animal virologyUniversity press
                              Textile Manufacture in the Northern Roman ProvincesUniversity press
                                The Battle Against BacteriaUniversity press
                                  The search for gravity wavesUniversity press
                                    Medical thinking: A Historical PrefaceUniversity press
                                      Cardiovasular HemorheologyUniversity press
                                        First and last experiments muscle mechanicsUniversity press
                                          Criticism and the growth of knowledgeUniversity press

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