Methods in biotechnologyTaylor & Francis
Drug misuse and community pharmacyTaylor & Francis
Basic transport phenomena in biomedical engineeringTaylor & Francis
Textbook of drug design and discoveryTaylor & Francis
Biotechnology and safety assessmentTaylor & Francis
GIS and organizationsTaylor & Francis
Advanced problems in applied chemistryTaylor & Francis
Making connections : Women's studies, women's movements, women's livesTaylor & Francis
Physiological pharmaceutics : Barriers to drug absorptionTaylor & Francis
Writing organic reaction mechanisms : A practical guideTaylor & Francis
Plant design for safetyTaylor & Francis
Postures for non-proliferation : arms limitation and security policies to minimize nuclear proliferTaylor & Francis
The Clinical Chemistry of Laboratory AnimalsTaylor & Francis
Advances in insect control: The role of Transgenic plantsTaylor & Francis
Evaluation of human workTaylor & Francis
Pharmaceutical Coating TechnologyTaylor & Francis
    Paracetomal (Acetaminophen): A critical bibliographic reviewTaylor & Francis
      The photostability of drugs and drug for mulationTaylor & Francis
        Spatial Analysis and GISTaylor & Francis
          Principles of polymer systemsTaylor & Francis
          Liquid - Varpor Phase- Change Phenomena:An introduction to the thermophysics of vaporizationTaylor & Francis
          Batch DistillationTaylor & Francis
          Greenwich ObservatoryTaylor & Francis
            Greenwich ObservatoryTaylor & Francis
              Greenwich ObservatoryTaylor & Francis

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