Oscar Wilde: A collection of critical essaysPrentice-Hall of India
    Dickens: A collection of critical essaysPrentice-Hall of India
      GeneticsPrentice-Hall of India
        Agricultural MicrobiologyPrentice-Hall of India
        Fundamentals of combustionPrentice-Hall of India
        How to make it big as a consultantPrentice-Hall of India
        Data structures usingc and c++Prentice-Hall of India
        Basics of electronic devicesPrentice-Hall of India
        Environmental ManagementPrentice-Hall of India
        System analysis and design for software engineersPrentice-Hall of India
        Ciruit Theory: continuous and discrete-time systems, elements of network synthesisPrentice-Hall of India
        Understanding business information systemsPrentice-Hall of India
        Textbook of biochemistry and human biologyPrentice-Hall of India
        Introduction to Environmental Engineering and SciencePrentice-Hall of India
        Heat Treatment :principles and TechniquesPrentice-Hall of India
        The psychology of learning and instruction: Educational psychologyPrentice-Hall of India

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