Production management handbookGower
    The goal : a process of ongoing improvementGower
    50 activities for interpersonal skills trainingGower
    20 activities for developing sales effectivenessGower
    20 training workshops for listening skillsGower
    20 training workshops for customer careGower
    Training for time managementGower
    The management of a student research projectGower
    Winning research fundingGower
    Gower handbook of call and contact centre managementGower
    Library systems : a buyer's guideGower
    Sound transmission through buildings using statistical energy analysisGower
    Investigating painwater penetration of modern buildingsGower
    The green guide to profitable managementGower
    The minutes: aguide for company secretariesGower
    The Creative NegotiatorGower
    Zen of groups :handbook for people meeting with a purposeGower
    Dealing with diffrence :How trainers can take account of cultural diversityGower

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