Joysprick:An interoduction to the language of James JoyceAndre Deutsch
    Sense and sense developmentAndre Deutsch
    North of southern African journyAndre Deutsch
      Cutting The Lion's Tail SuezAndre Deutsch
      The Natural Way to Draw: A Working Plan for Art StudyAndre Deutsch
        Medical Books, Libraries and Collectors: A Study of Bibliography and the Book Trade in Relation to tAndre Deutsch
          Medical Bibliography: An Annotated Check-List of Texts Illustating, the History of MedicineAndre Deutsch
            The Librarians' Glossary of Terms Used in Librarianship, Documentation and Book Crafts and ReferenceAndre Deutsch
              The Palestine Triangle: The Struggle Between the British, the Jews and the Arabs 1935-48Andre Deutsch
              Between Enemies: An Arab-Israeli DialogueAndre Deutsch
              English Biblical TranslationAndre Deutsch
                First step in librarianship: A student guideAndre Deutsch
                  Local History and the libraryAndre Deutsch
                    Sigmund freud: His life in Pictures and wordsAndre Deutsch
                      Sayers' manual of Classification for librariansAndre Deutsch
                        Filmed books and playsAndre Deutsch
                          Manual of law LibrarianshipAndre Deutsch
                            Information work with unpublished reprtsAndre Deutsch
                              The government and control of librariesAndre Deutsch
                                The technical college libraryAndre Deutsch
                                  Libraries and literature for teenagersAndre Deutsch
                                    Books for the people: An illustrated history of the British PublicAndre Deutsch
                                      The library in colleges of commerce and technologyAndre Deutsch
                                        Children's librariesAndre Deutsch
                                          The Periodicals collectionAndre Deutsch

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