Increasing motor carrier productivityPraeger Publishers
    Middle East IndustrialisationPraeger Publishers
      Export Marketing ManagementPraeger Publishers
        Bicycle Transit: Its Planning and DesignPraeger Publishers
          The Arab Boycott of Israel: Economic Aggression and World ReactionPraeger Publishers
            Simulation Models in corporate PlanningPraeger Publishers
              Opec: Policy implications for the U.SPraeger Publishers
                Prospects For Soviet SocietyPraeger Publishers
                Program budgeting for primary and secondary public education: current status and prospects in Los AnPraeger Publishers
                Our time is nowPraeger Publishers
                Black home ownershipPraeger Publishers
                The elusive revolution; anatomy of a student revoltPraeger Publishers
                Government and politics in the twentieth centuryPraeger Publishers
                Corporate social responsibility and the institutional investor; a report to the Ford FoundationPraeger Publishers
                Palestine is my country: the story of Musa AlamiPraeger Publishers
                By bread alonePraeger Publishers
                Political and social thought in the contemporary Middle EastPraeger Publishers
                  The United States and Iran: The Patterns of influencePraeger Publishers
                    Mobilizing technology for world developmentPraeger Publishers
                    Privacy, law and public policyPraeger Publishers
                      A Behavorial Study of Rural ModernizationPraeger Publishers
                        Deepwater ports in the United States: An economic and environmental impact studyPraeger Publishers
                        Community control of economic developmentPraeger Publishers
                          Industrial Location policy for economic revitalizationPraeger Publishers
                            Management of transportation carriersPraeger Publishers

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