A generation of materialismHarper and Row
    Hitler: Legend Myth & realityHarper and Row
      England before ElizabethHarper and Row
        The Protestant reformationHarper and Row
          The ancient history of wester civilizationHarper and Row
            The Future as history:The historic currents of our time and the direction in which they are taking aHarper and Row
              The risorgimento: Thought and actionHarper and Row
                The ordeal of total war, 1939-1945Harper and Row
                Up from communism:conservetive Odysseys in America intellectual historyHarper and Row
                War and the intellectuals:essaysHarper and Row
                An American cricis:Congress and Reconstruction 1865-1867Harper and Row
                The heritage and challenge of historyHarper and Row
                A broken World-1919-1939Harper and Row
                American civilization in the first Machine Age:1890-1940Harper and Row
                The Habsburg and Habenzollern Dynasties in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth centuryHarper and Row
                Reaction and revolution 1814-1832Harper and Row
                Rommel: The desert foxHarper and Row
                  A social and economic history of medieval EuropeHarper and Row
                    Revolutionary Europe 1783-1815Harper and Row
                    Power, property and historyHarper and Row
                      Social historians in contemporary FranceHarper and Row
                      Europe between revolutions 1815-188Harper and Row
                      The dissolution of the medival aoutlook: An essay on intellectual and spiritual change in the fourtHarper and Row
                        A decade of revolution 1789-1799Harper and Row
                        Reform,war and reaction;1912-1032Harper and Row

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