From disportism to revolution 1768-1789Harper and Row
    The triumph of science and reason 1660-1685Harper and Row
    The civilization of the renaissance ItalyHarper and Row
      Self and society in medieval France: The memories ofHarper and Row
        Harvey Wasserman's history of the United StatesHarper and Row
          The Russian revolutionHarper and Row
            Wester civilization to 1500Harper and Row
            Victorian culture and cocietyHarper and Row
            Profiles in courageHarper and Row
              The Truman Administration:A Documentary HistoryHarper and Row
              Prelude to Civil War:The nullification controversy in South Carolina,1816-1836Harper and Row
                The Craft of American HistoryHarper and Row
                  Genetic fix: The next technolgical revolutionHarper and Row
                    An introduction to population genetics theoryHarper and Row
                      Analytical Marketing ManagementHarper and Row
                        Introductory numerical analysis of elliptic boundary value problemsHarper and Row
                          ChemistryHarper and Row
                            Fundamentals of network analysisHarper and Row
                              Electrical CircuitsHarper and Row
                              Principles of heat transferHarper and Row
                                Reinforced concrete designHarper and Row
                                  Structural analysisHarper and Row
                                  Differential geometryHarper and Row
                                    Philosophy, technology, and the arts in the early modern eraHarper and Row
                                      Research methods: A process of inguiryHarper and Row

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