EconomicsHarper and Row
    Micro-EconomicsHarper and Row
      Understanding capitalism: compition command and change in the U.SHarper and Row
        Structural analysisHarper and Row
          The economics of money and bankingHarper and Row
            Going in to politics: A guide for citizensHarper and Row
              Readings in child development and personalityHarper and Row
                Your insurance adviserHarper and Row
                Learning theories for teachersHarper and Row
                  The economics of macro issuesHarper and Row
                    The political economy of the new left: AnOutsider's ViewHarper and Row
                      Sociology: An introduction to the scienceof societyHarper and Row
                      Man and his environment: Policy and adminstrationHarper and Row
                        On Writing Well : an informal guide to writing nonfictionHarper and Row
                        Occupatinal EnglishHarper and Row
                          The developing ChildHarper and Row
                            Concepts of Strategic Management: Planning and ImplementationHarper and Row
                              Intermediate Microeconomic AnalysisHarper and Row
                                MacroeconomicsHarper and Row
                                  Introduction to econometrics: Principles and applicationsHarper and Row
                                    Modern macroeconomicsHarper and Row
                                      Macroeconomic Theory And PolicyHarper and Row
                                        Modern public administrationHarper and Row
                                          The economics of work and playHarper and Row
                                            EconomicsHarper and Row

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