Electromagnetic and electromechanical machinesHarper and Row
    Principles of heat transferHarper and Row
      Structured COBOL: A modern approachHarper and Row
      Air pollution: Its origin and controlHarper and Row
      Matrix analysis of structuresHarper and Row
        Juvenile delinquency in perspectiveHarper and Row
        Reinforced concrete designHarper and Row
        The pressure of oil: A strategy for economic revivalHarper and Row
          Fundamental programming conceptsHarper and Row
            Fortran IV Porgramming for Engineers & ScientistsHarper and Row
              Fortran 77 programmingHarper and Row
                Compendium of Structural aidsHarper and Row
                  Air pollution: Its origin and controlHarper and Row
                  Islam from the prophet Muhammad to the capture of ConstantinopleHarper and Row
                  Foundations of physiological psychologyHarper and Row
                  PsychologyHarper and Row
                    Pathfinder: an operational guide for theschool librarianHarper and Row
                      Behavior and development from 5 to 12Harper and Row
                        Psycological foundations of education: An introduction to human develoHarper and Row
                          Social psychology: Individuals groups societiesHarper and Row
                            Interpreting personality theoriesHarper and Row
                              The Philosophical foundations of EducationHarper and Row
                                Rationality: Key concepts in the social sciencesHarper and Row
                                  Sociology: A text with adapted readingsHarper and Row
                                    The international economics of developmntHarper and Row

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