Physiological testing of the high-performance athleteHuman Kinetics
    Measurement and evaluation in human performanceHuman Kinetics
    Sports injuries guidebookHuman Kinetics
    Starguard : best practices for lifeguardsHuman Kinetics
    Having a ball : stability ball gamesHuman Kinetics
    Dance about anythingHuman Kinetics
    Fuel for young athletesHuman Kinetics
    Basketball fundamentals : Better way to learn the basicsHuman Kinetics
    Physical activity for health and fitnessHuman Kinetics
    Flexitest : an innovative flexibility assessment methodHuman Kinetics
    Tennis : steps to successHuman Kinetics
    Preparing for the ACSM health/fitness instructor certification examinationHuman Kinetics
    Foundation of sport and exercise psychologyHuman Kinetics
    Physiology of sport and exerciseHuman Kinetics
    Physical activity, fitness and health: International proceedings andHuman Kinetics
      Exercise PsychologyHuman Kinetics
        Fitness and healthHuman Kinetics
          The student teacher’s handbook for physical educationHuman Kinetics
            Statistics in KinesiologyHuman Kinetics
            Fitness programming and physical disbilityHuman Kinetics
              Functional progressions for sport rehabilitationHuman Kinetics
                QuestHuman Kinetics
                Teaching Children Movement Concepts and Skills: Becoming a Master TeacherHuman Kinetics
                Teaching Children Games: Becoming a Master TeacherHuman Kinetics
                The Social Significance of Sport: An Introduction to the Sociology of SportHuman Kinetics

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