Diffusion Processes and Related Topics in BiologySpringer
    Modelling language behaviour with 3 figuresSpringer
      Tableau systems for first order number theory and cerrain higher order theoriesSpringer
        Cambridge summer school in mathematical logicSpringer
          The approximation of continuous functions by positive linear operatorsSpringer
            Localization in group theory and homotopy theorySpringer
              Computations in higher typesSpringer
                Coastal Sedimentary EnvironmemtsSpringer
                  Sand and sandstoneSpringer
                    OPTICAL AND LASER REMTE SENSINGSpringer
                      Mathematical BiologySpringer
                        Oceanography : The Present and futureSpringer
                          Selected writings on computing: A personal perspectiveSpringer
                            Problems of biological physicsSpringer
                                Xylem structure and the ascent of sapSpringer
                                  Research Experience in plant physiology: A laboratory manualSpringer
                                    Antimicrobial food additives:Charactaristics, Uses, EffectsSpringer
                                      Experimental embryology of vascular plantsSpringer
                                        Hormonal regulation of development I.Springer
                                          Biochemistry and physiology of herbicide actionSpringer
                                            Primary and secondary metabolism of plant cell culturesSpringer
                                              Physiology and biochemistry of seeds in relation to germinationSpringer
                                                Physiology of movementSpringer
                                                  The MOlecular Theory of Radiation BiologySpringer

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