THE Global human development Report 1998: Palestinian readingsBirzeit University
Critical research in the social sciences : a transdisciplinary east-west handbookBirzeit University
Community organizing in the West Bank : opportunities and obstacles in civil societyBirzeit University
Decision making in the Iraq war 2003 : An analytical study of Tony Blair's foreign policyBirzeit University
The role of modern socio-Cultural aspects in transforming Jerusalem Old City urban formBirzeit University
Costing of poor quality at food manufacturing organizations in Palestine : Model building and applicationBirzeit University
Peace and conflict resolution in Northern Ireland, Palestine/IsraelBirzeit University
Leadership styles in Palestinian large scale industrial companiesBirzeit University
Simulation of greenhouses with phase change materials PCMsBirzeit University
Dynamics of a Kth order rational differen and computational approachesBirzeit University
Hazardous waste management in the West Bank and Gaza StripBirzeit University
Developing an environmental management system for Birzeit UniversityBirzeit University
On the sustainability of rural wastewater management systems in Ramallah / Al-Bireh districtBirzeit University
Palestinian public diplomacy : Form Camp David II to the ICJ ruling on the Israeli WallBirzeit University
Development of an integrated UASB - Biofilter system for domestic wastewater treatmentBirzeit University
The effectiveness of the environmental impact assessment system in PalestineBirzeit University
Impact of quality management systems implementation on cost and competitiveness in Palestinian pharmaceutical companiesBirzeit University
Hydrochemistry of the Natuf drainage basin, Ramallah / West BankBirzeit University
Food and foodways in the Middle EastBirzeit University
Conservation and management of landscape in conflict regionsBirzeit University
Water rights and uses in midland PaletineBirzeit University
Respective roles of private, public and NGO sectors "the palestinian economy: towBirzeit University
Palestinian Development: Knowledge and ProgressBirzeit University
    Cultural StudiesBirzeit University
    Affordable housing in palestineBirzeit University

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