Krause's food, nutrition, & diet therapyW.B. Saunders
Atlas of veterinary hematology : blood and bone marrow of domestic animalsW.B. Saunders
    Equine internal medicineW.B. Saunders
    Braunwald's heart disease : a textbook of cardiovascular medicineW.B. Saunders
    Kumar & Clark clinical medicineW.B. Saunders
    Primary care rheumatologyW.B. Saunders
    The eye : basic sciences in practiceW.B. Saunders
    Textbook of veterinary diagnostic radiologyW.B. Saunders
    Thompson & Thompson genetics in medicineW.B. Saunders
    Home health care nursingW.B. Saunders
    Atlas of cosmetic surgeryW.B. Saunders
    Pocket reference for Pediatric primary careW.B. Saunders
    Case studies : tricks and trapsW.B. Saunders
    Essentials of anesthesiologyW.B. Saunders
    Intensive care infections : a practical guide to diagnosis and management in adultW.B. Saunders
    Modern surgical pathologyW.B. Saunders
    Introduction to maternity and pediatric nursingW.B. Saunders
    Tietz Fundamentales of clinical chemistryW.B. Saunders
    Basic technical mathematics with calculusW.B. Saunders

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