The suspicions of Mr. Whicher, or, The murder at Road Hill HouseBloomsbury
The lost train of thoughtBloomsbury
Princess AcademyBloomsbury
Harry Potter and the chamber of secretsBloomsbury
Harry Potter and the half-blood princeBloomsbury
Harry Potter and the deathly hallowsBloomsbury
Those who walk awayBloomsbury
The Balfour Declaration : the origins of the Arab-Israeli conflictBloomsbury
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanBloomsbury
The end of oil : The decline of the petroleum economy and the rise of a new energyBloomsbury
Dot in the universeBloomsbury
Jonathan Strange & Mr NorrellBloomsbury
HAVOC, in its third yearBloomsbury
Vaclav Havel : a political tragedy in six actsBloomsbury
The renaissanceBloomsbury
Mediciens:First AidBloomsbury

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