Medieval English poetryFaber and Faber
    Faber book of religious verseFaber and Faber
      Selected PoemsFaber and Faber
        Undiscoverd country das weite IandFaber and Faber
        THE KNACK: A COMEDYFaber and Faber
        Selected PoemsFaber and Faber
          Introducing David Jones: aselection of his writingsFaber and Faber
            The Collected Poems of Louis MacneiceFaber and Faber
              Door into the DarkFaber and Faber
                A choice of Blake's verseFaber and Faber
                The wild duckFaber and Faber
                  Collected Rhmes And VersesFaber and Faber
                    K.D. Dufford hears K.D. Dufford ask K.D, Dufford how K.D. Dufford'll make K.D. DuffordFaber and Faber
                    A choice of Cowper's VerseFaber and Faber
                    Mascat and Oman:the end of an eraFaber and Faber
                      Look back in anger : a play in three actsFaber and Faber
                      The use of poetry and the use of criticismFaber and Faber
                      The entertainerFaber and Faber
                      The Waste landFaber and Faber
                      KnuckleFaber and Faber
                      After MagrittFaber and Faber
                        Verse and worse: A privete collectionFaber and Faber
                          The Faber book of modern VerseFaber and Faber
                            Introducing James Joyce:A selection of Joyce's proseFaber and Faber
                            A Choice of Chaucer VerseFaber and Faber

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