Blood pressure monitoring in cardiovascular medicine and therapeuticsHumana Press
Herbal products: toxicology and clinical pharmacologyHumana Press
Cardiac safety of noncardiac drugs: practical guidelines for clinical research and dHumana Press
Pocket guide to critical care pharmacotherapyHumana Press
Criminal poisoning: investigational guide for law enforcement, toxicologists, forensic scientists,Humana Press
An internist's illustrated guide to gastrointestinal surgeryHumana Press
Medicinal plants of the world : chemical constituents, traditional and modern medicinal usesHumana Press
Handbook of drug interactions : a clinical and forensic guideHumana Press
Peptide analysis protocolsHumana Press
Microscopy, optical spectroscopy, and macroscopic techniquesHumana Press
Chromosome analysis protocolsHumana Press
Solid waste processing and resource recoveryHumana Press
ELISA Theory and PracticeHumana Press
Methods in Molecular Biology:Diagnostic Bacteriology ProtocolsHumana Press

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