Nanotechnology for the energy challengeWiley-Vch
Nanomaterials : an introduction to synthesis, properties and applicationWiley-Vch
Transition to renewable energy systemsWiley-Vch
Renewable energy : sustainable energy concepts for the futureWiley-Vch
Introduction to environmental engineeringWiley-Vch
Understanding the nanotechnology revolutionWiley-Vch
Process and plant safety : applying computational fluid dynamicsWiley-Vch
Pharmaceutical biotechnology : drug discovery and clinical applicationsWiley-Vch
How to write a successful science thesis : the concise guide for studentsWiley-Vch
Introduction to mathematical physicsWiley-Vch
Encyclopedia of the elements : technical data, history, processing, applicationsWiley-Vch
Process development : from the initial idea to the chemical production plantWiley-Vch
Macromolecular symposia 206 : Polymer reaction engineering VWiley-Vch
Mechanisms in homogeneous catalysis : A spectroscopic approachWiley-Vch
Industrial catalysis : A practical approachWiley-Vch
Inorganic experimentsWiley-Vch
Applied homogeneous catalysis with organometallic compoundsWiley-Vch
Environmental biotechnology: concepts and applicationsWiley-Vch
Handbook of condensation thermoplastic elastomersWiley-Vch
Organic chemistry principles and industrial practiceWiley-Vch
Inorganic chemistry in focus IIWiley-Vch
The Dictionary of gene technology: genomics, transcriptomics, proteomicsWiley-Vch
Combinatorial Chemistry:Synthesis.Analysis.ScreeningWiley-Vch
Combinatorial Chemistry .vol.9Wiley-Vch

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